Friday, May 1, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine, is the latest movie in the X-Men series that follow what many are doing of recent years and creating the prequel.

Wolverine begins with our lead character as a youth showing the early years his life and the difficulties he endured. Wolverine becomes a man and the movie quickly travels through every major war displaying Wolverine’s ageless life as well as the inability to die. Eventually, and in more present time, Wolverine and his brother (who has the similar traits) are recruited by a special task force of others with special powers to do not-so-nice things. Eventually Wolverine decides to take a different direction in his life and leaves the group to live a normal life, only later to be tracked down and brought back into the group, as members of the original team are tuning up dead.
Of course there is a fantastic battle between brothers and the movie ends a few years prior to where the original X-Men movie begins.

There is fantastic action and plenty of visually stimulating movie effects with a couple of minor surprises, although the actual plot leaves much to be desired.
The Brain Twinkey was entertained throughout, although I would not revolve my Friday or Saturday night out of it. Personally a matinee on a rainy day would suffice, but to place the movie in the top 10 of summer films is unlikely. As a fan of the X-Men series The Brain Twinkey still ranks #2 as the best of the three.